Newport Pagnell Baptist Church


A new church and community building for Newport Pagnell Baptist Church.

The site is located in the Newport Pagnell Conservation Area and situated next to prominent listed buildings. The proposals seek to bring a welcoming entrance and clearly identifiable presence for the church in the community.

Urban Street

From Silver Street the gable of the chapel tower is glimpsed between Lovat Lodge and the end of terrace. The remainder of the building is concealed from view. There are secondary glimpses of the gable of the main hall and single storey part building between Lovat Bank and Lovat Lodge.

The Car Park

From the car park the whole of the new building is visible from the closed form of the chapel tower to the  open courtyard connection to the river. Between these distinct elements is the formal arrangement of the meeting rooms, giving an ordered and refined public facade.

The Green

The building generally follows the site boundary so has limited openings to the green except from the main hall, which keeps the existing access to the green. The remainder of the facade includes climbing and ground cover planting to provide a biodiverse and a habitat rich zone. This also softens the facades to this area.

The Riverbank

This is the main focus of the scheme, creating an entrance court and external activity space contained between the entrance foyer/new halls, the projecting wing containing pre-school and meeting room and the river. Whilst the rest of the building by its nature is enclosed, these rooms have an aspect to the river and open out into the ‘courtyard’ and new landscape. The architectural elements defining and composing this ‘outdoor room’ include the entrance canopy, cloister from the lower hall, pre-school terrace and roof terrace. Each of these elements create thresholds between inside and out and provide defined breakout spaces for the users.


Planning approval: 2020.

Location: Newport Pagnell.