Headington Baptist Church


The church is located in the heart of the Old Headington Conservation Area and to relate to this unique context the building is articulated into three distinct spatial elements. These run parallel to the Old High Street and consist of a two storey zone containing the domestic scale meeting rooms; a tall, naturally lit circulation zone and the main body of the church, a larger single storey worship space.

The circulation zone acts as a threshold and separates the building into the two distinct activities; the everyday, related to the street and the sacred/worship space, related to the Croft. The roof to the worship area is articulated from the supporting stone walls by clerestory lighting, designed to bring diffused lighting into the interior spaces.


RIBA South Conservation Award 2008 New Building in an Historic Setting: Winner.

RIBA ACE Award for Religious Architecture 2007: shortlisted.

Completed: 2006.

Location: Headington, Oxford.